Gimme Just One More Day, Lord

When your burdens get too heavy, you fall on your knees and pray, I'm so tired and weary, please take me home today.

But if the Lord should come tonight, I think He'd hear you say, I just can't go with you now, I need just one more day.


Gimme just one more day, Lord, gimme just one more day, I'm not ready to go Lord, I need just one more day.

But when the Lord comes for you, I think you'll  hear Him say, Come join me in my heavenly home, I'll give you endless days.

Now I wanna' go to heaven, and sing His eternal praise, But I'm still needed here Lord, just give me one more day.

Repeat chorus.

Gimme Just One More Day Lord.mp3


On the Golden Sands

I'll soon be on a journey, to a land that's far away, From pain and tears and misery, we suffer here today.

I'll walk with loved ones by the sea, and feel the pain no more.  How happy we will always be, on that shining, golden shore.


On the sands, the golden sands, there someone waits for me, On the sands, the golden sands, through all eternity.  I'll see my mother's face, and hold her loving hand, They'll all be there to welcome me, When I reach those golden sands.

To the loved ones left behind me now, please don't cry for me, I'll be waiting on the sands, where your new home will be. 

I'll wait for you and lead you home, how happy you will be, When you stand upon those golden sands for all eternity.

Repeat chorus

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 Good Morning

Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town, Good morning, good  morning, let's just drive all around.

We'll stop and see Mary Lou, we might catch up with Lester too, Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town.

If you happen to see a baby today, stop and teach it how to say, Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town.

We'll ride on down to the general store, buy you a dress and maybe more, Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town.

We'll pack a lunch and on the way back, we'll stop and eat by the railroad tracks, Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town.

We'll wave and watch the conductor grin, but sadly night will be setting in, Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town.

I'll wrap you up in a blanket warm, and tell the old mule to take us home, Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town.

And if anyone asks, we can proudly say, we wouldn't have it any other way, Good morning, good morning, let's drive the mule to town.

good morning song-2.mp3


Barefoot Through My Memories

When I was just a little girl, my mom would put my hair in curls, and put me in a dress so daintily.  With nice white socks and polished shoes, she'd send her darling off to school, but there was one thing mom just didn't see.

As soon as I was out of sight, I'd take those shoes and wrap them tight, and put them in my little bag you see.  Then I'd walk through the grass and stones and near the school I'd put them on.  If mama knew she never told on me.


Walking barefoot through my memories, barefoot through my memories, happy thoughts are running through my head. Walking barefoot through my memories, barefoot through my memories, remembering all the things I've done and said.

My dad would sit me on his knee and play this little game with me, And teach how to spell our family name. Then he'd talk about my clothes and shoes, and things I had to wear to school, I'd smile 'cause daddy didn't know my game.

Now mom and dad have gone away, I miss them more each passing day, but I'll just have to do with memories.  I'll take my shoes off in my mind, and wander through the grass of time, in memories they are always here with me.

Repeat chorus


Barefoot Through My Memories.mp3

You Showed Me How

Listen, Johnny I need a big favor,

I walked down the road and met the new neighbors.

They invited me to a party tonight,

To go alone just doesn’t seem right.


There’s a girl that lives with them down there,

With dark blue eyes and bright red hair.

She smiled at me and said hello,

I swallowed hard and said I had to go.



But you could showwwww me how to love her,

And you could showwwww me how to keep her.

I know you Johnny and you’d do it right,

And I could find my love tonight.


Thanks old buddy, you did your best,

You came with me and passed the test.

We laughed and danced and sang some songs,

And time to go home finally came along


And you showwwwed me how to love her,

And you showeeewed me how to keep her.

And as you walked her to your car,

I walked home alone wondering where you two are.

I Thought That I'd Go Sailing (Written for the author's brother Tom)

I thought that I'd go sailing, around this great big world.  I thought that I'd go sailing, might even find a girl. So I grabbed my duffle bag and my daddy's old pea coat, I kissed my dear old mama, and jumped upon that boat.

I thought that I was something, and started out with glee, I knew that I'd be famous, and talked about at sea.  But the only thing they talked about was lunch that I just had, And how it came right back up, and how it smelled so bad.


Sailing, sailing, oh how can this be, sailing, sailing, someone lied to me!

There are many kinds of monsters, that roam upon the sea, And I swear by all that's holy, each one was after me. They chased me 'round that big old boat, and wouldn't let me sleep. And I was such a big old boy, I didn't dare to weep.

When that big old boat hit the dock, on shaky legs I ran.  I ran into my mama's house and my head hit the can.  When I looked up she smiled at me and said, "How was it dear?"  I said, "It was wonderful but I'm glad to be back here."

Now I didn't find myself a girl, and that's a dirty shame. I'd like to have myself a son to carry on my name. But if he ever thinks that sailing will make him a man, I'll show the pic mom took of me with my head in the can.

Repeat chorus



The Rooster vs The Hen

The rooster strolled 'round the old barnyard, he got every hen and he never got tard.  He told each one, I love you best, gimme some lovin' and forget the rest.

But one by one the hens caught on, they wanted the old rooster to sing a  new song. So they gathered around one rainy night, called him in and started a fight.

He said what's this, what's wrong in here?  They said we've let you have your way for years. But its all over now, we're in charge, no bald headed rooster gonna' run our yard.

He said, I'm  not bald and they said not yet, They gathered around and started to peck.  When they were through they stepped aside, not a feather was showing anywhere in sight.

He crossed his legs and tried to hide, he said what have you done to my pride? He said all I got left is my big red comb, they said take your naked booty and hurry on home.

The rooster sat in his house every day, he was getting thinner and wasting away.  The hens walked by and he was so forlorn, they said Oh Lord what have we done?

So they made a plan to get him back, they started calling him Rooster Kojack.  They gave him lolipops to hold in his beak, and bragged on him till he started to weep.

The hens came around and snuggled up to him, Each one said take me into your bin.  He said I don't think so, you didn't want me, I'm moving to the henhouse down the street.

They watched him go with a heavy heart, they'd need a new rooster but where to start? Mama hen said girls one thing we know, without a rooster your flock will go.

No rooster came and the hens got scared, the farmer kept looking at them real weird.  They saw the hatchet and they saw the block, but their feathers were on when their heads were chopped.

Moral:  Don't be so quick to get rid of the cock, he may save your feathers some day


RoosterVs Hen.mp3


They're Both Soldiers

They told her, he's a soldier, he's got a war to fight,  He needs to know that you'll be here, you know he's doing right. He said  you know I love you, I won't be gone that long, I need your strength and courage, for our daughter and our son.

She said, I'll be right here love, I'll fight the war at home, I'll raise our kids and keep the house, you won't be gone that long. But her nights were long and lonely, her heart was filled with grief, They told her he'll be home soon, and then you'll have relief.


They're both soldiers, they're both soldiers, they each have their own war to fight. They're both soldiers, they're both soldiers, May God watch over both of them tonight.

Then the letter she had dreaded, arrived one afternoon, It said we're very sorry, but he won't be coming home.  They said please be proud of him, he fought so hard and brave, He gave his life in service, so your lives could be saved.

She said my life is over, there's no need to go on, But her kids came running home from school and she knew they needed mom.  So she spent her years in service, to her daughter and her son, and she told the kids, dad loves you but he won't be coming home.

And now her health is failing, her war is almost won, she said please tell my darling that I am coming home. He was waiting for her, and led her to her throne.  He said, you see it wasn't long and now we're both at home.

They're both soldiers, they're both soldiers, they each had their own war to fight.  They're both soldiers, they're both soldiers, God's watching over both of them tonight.



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