For paperback copies of any of the novels, visit their createspace link provided under the description of each book on the "Book" page of this site. To purchase any works that are only ebooks, visit www.amazon.com. For the children's book The White Horse, contact me directly. I have a few copies I can sell but recommend you do not buy through the publisher who has it too overpriced. For the children's book, Home is Where My Heart Is, use the link with the description under the "Book" page of this site. Both childrens' books are paperback only, size 8.5x11.  

If you would like a copy of the items below, please contact me personally at: novastar514@gmail.com.   

The items that may be purchased from this site only are as follows:

1. Poem - designate blue or white cardstock, unframed, $4.95 ea. + s/h

2. Poem - framed as shown, designate blue or white cardstock, $15.95 + 10.85 s/h

If you are interested in selling the inspirational poem as a fundraiser for your church or other organization, send us an email at novastar514@gmail.com, and we will contact you with details.  Please include the name of your organization in the email.



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