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All of the writings on this site were written by V. Karen McMahon. We have posted Karen's songs, poems, cookbook, and links to her novels and children's book. Links are posted on the Books Page for her published works.  The inspirational poem can only be purchased through this site. All of Karen's works can be seen at www.amazon.com.  Type V. Karen McMahon in the search box and all of her books will come up.  You can read descriptions here under the "Books" section.

All of Karen's writings either have a copyright or the copyright has been applied for, and none of the works on this site may be used in any form or for any use unless by written consent of the author, Karen.


In memory of my beautiful baby brother, Jim who left us on January 2, 2012.  Our hearts are broken and we will all feel the loss of you forever. Too young to leave us and still needed by many, you gave far more than you ever took and the angels are lucky to have you there with them.  RIP sweet man.   


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